How Monsters Began


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 2113. Over the weekend we took both of the kiddos to see Monsters University. As with most things involving kids – this was still an operation.
The Eldest was still riding high off her dance recital performance the previous night. Her listening ears were unmatched. She couldn’t wait to go see the movie. In fact, we had to intervene as it seemed see was organizing her own party to go see the movie. Last count she had invited the entire street and some random person at the grocery store. We had to sadly inform her that daddy did not drive a clown car.
The smartest thing we did was a suggestion from Mrs. Captain. We drove separately.
By virtue of our experience watching the Hunger Games (the movie stopped 3/4 of the way through, ruining one of the two movie dates Mrs. Captain and I have had since the boy was born) we only had to buy one ticket to see MU. So, we paid a small mortgage payment for popcorn and snacks and waited for the movie to begin.
I don’t want to give too much about the movie away, but our little monsters enjoyed it and the adults laughed several times as well. It is definitely worth seeing!
The littlest of monsters did not make it through the entire movie. He was escorted out of the theater (by Mrs. Captain) when he hopped down and started feeling the backs of people’s heads and trying to eat their popcorn. I tried to explain that he was a phrenologist (look it up), but that didn’t seem to make things better. At any rate, he was asleep before they left the parking lot. Rule number one of parenting – divide and conquer.
The movie was so good that The Eldest wanted me to go out and purchase the movie immediately. I had to explain that movies didn’t work out that way. It would have been a good time to explain movie piracy (bad), but I opted to save that lecture for later.
All in all, it was a good time and a good sequel or prequel. The fact that it chronologically took place before Monster’s Inc. has The Eldest calling the original #2 and the new one #1. Cute.
Whatever you want to call it, go see Monsters University right now. Good movie.
Time to shove off. For now…Captain out.
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