Happy Labor Day

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2546. Daddy Chronicles.
I don’t get sick too often, but when I do I don’t get cheated. I started feeling ill on Friday. It was a sore throat. No biggie. Felt funny, but hey, it was a sore throat.

Saturday morning I awoke with a sorer throat and had some difficulty swallowing. I was convinced it would go away. I took the kids to gymnastics, cut the grass, did the dishes, cleaned off the deck, out away groceries, but by 7 pm. I was winded. I usually go to bed around 11 or 12. That night? I was in bed by 7:30.

And I didn’t get up. Until 2 am.

At 2 Am I came downstairs and turned on Netflix. I was delirious, miserable, sick. I remember starting The Invincible Iron Man (editor’s note: Yes, I watch animated flix. You gotta problem with that?). I am told that I sat/laid/hung on the recliner and moaned and groaned for several hours. I don’t remember any of that. At some point I went back to bed.

Sunday morning (later that day) I woke up and couldn’t swallow at all. I dragged myself into the shower, prettied myself up as much as I could, muttered something about going to the CVS Minute Clinic, and zombied myself to the car.

I was later diagnosed with a double ear infection and strep. In fact, the practitioner told me, “Congratulations, that’s the worst ear infection I have ever seen.” Whamo. I’d never had strep before, but can now cross it off my bucket list.

I came home and slept to the point that Rip Van Winkle would have been jealous. I may have watched two shows (Parenthood episodes – see I watch non animated stuff too) and been on social media for a limited amount of time. I couldn’t bear to be awake, reading, or watching anything.

So, in effect I spent Labor Day weekend laboring through a humdinger of an illness. My wife also spent it laboring – doing everything I was unable to do and then some. She was and is a rockstar.

So, I hear summer is over. Hope your fall (unofficially) is off to a good start. Take your vitamins and wash your hands.

More tales from the poop deck to come. For now…Captain out.

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  1. Must be going around, although I will gladly not take a double ear infection and strep. A rough cold is enough, thanks. I was pretty worthless all weekend, too and have the pleasure of infecting 600 or so people today on my flights to Seattle. Yep, I am *that* guy. Get well, my friend.


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