Captain’s Log – Sleep No More

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2681. Daddy Chronicles. Sleep No More.

I read somewhere, or heard somewhere, or I may be making this up completely, that when a child learns something new, grows, or is entering a new stage, their sleep is interrupted.

If that is the case, my son is going to be a genius.

Everyone with kids knows the perils of the sleepless child, I know, I’m not investigating anything new here. I just wish that children came with warning lights like cars.


“Growth Spurt”
“Needs a Nap”
“About to Pee Pants”
“Needs a Hug”
“Needs to Be Left Alone”
“Stomach on Empty”

All these any many more would alleviate those times that you simply look at your child and wonder what has taken over him.

My son’s would probably read “You Won’t Sleep…Suckers”.

Right now, if I had a warning light, it would read, “Need Coffee and SLEEP.”

That’s all for now…Captain OUT!

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