Captain’s Log 2728: Coolest Job

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2728. Daddy Chronicles: Coolest Job ever.

I have to admit when you think about the job requirements that accompany being a parent, well, some of them just aren’t appealing. The hours are rough, there are no wages, there’s no hazard pay, your client is completely unpredictable (and normally free of guilt), and did I mention the lack of sleep?

Yet there are so many redeeming things about the job. You get to witness the miracle of growth on a daily basis – if you keep a keen eye out for it. It’s easy to dismiss or take for granted, but on a daily basis it is there.

You get paid in hugs, and kisses, and sometimes grunts. All of those actions are gold. If you have ever gotten one of those excited hugs where you temporarily experience a drop in blood pressure because of the extreme squeeze around your neck – you know what I’m talking about.

You get to play. Remember that imagination that has been dormant since you were a kid? It gets to run free- AND it has a play date with a a new exciting friend that you didn’t know when you were a kid. And sometimes, just sometimes, that friend turns out to be more like you than you ever expected.

And there are toys. We can’t forget the toys. What other job allows you to enjoy the complexities of play limited only by your imagination? None, right?

I am also a miracle worker. I bring toys, most back from the “dead” through the use of various glues. Just today I fixed the batmobile? How often do you get to say that you repaired the batmobile? How many other jobs allow you to put that skill on your resume? Few. Very few.

This parenting gig is pretty sweet.

That’s all for now…Captain out. IMG_8649.JPG

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