Captain’s Log 2817: My Summer Edict

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2817. Daddy Chronicles: A Splash of Paint and Rain.

Day 2 of #SummerAdventure15 was home bound. Here’s the short of it – I did some painting, it rained, and I grilled out. In retrospect, not a bad day.

I did discover that there will need to be a moratorium Imd sibling rivalry. I have decreed that there may be no disputes before the morning hour of ten, AND that the number of disputes may not exceed a ratio of 10:1 hugs to arguments. For every argument there must be 10 hugs.

For some reason, I have a sneaky suspicion that my edict will not be followed, but ignored instead. I intend to create paper propaganda of my “Hug It Out” program and, perhaps, a musical jingle/slogan to reinforce the importance of sibling bonding.

I have also decided to try and grill as many different meals as I possibly can this summer. Today will grilled lunch and would have grilled dinner had it not been for the torrential downpour.

At any rate, the #SummerAdventure15 continues in full force tomorrow, but more details on that later.

That’s it for now. Captain….out! IMG_9585.JPG

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