Captain’s Log: 2817- Games That Don’t Make Sense

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2817. Daddy Chronicles: Games That Don’t Make Sense.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, today I needed an invention. I needed something to entertain my children that wasn’t electronic, but was indoorsy.

And then it happened by accident.

You see the boy was playing with squigz . They are funny shaped suction cups. Some have one cup, some two, etc. He likes to take them and stick them to the door. Innocent. Easy. Fun.

He dropped one where I was sitting and I decided to launch it at the door. Insanity ensued. We took the entire bucket and started flinging all the different shapes at the door. Some stuck, most bounced off to the glee and laughter of both kids. At one point a three pointed sticker bounced off the door, then my daughter’s head, then stuck to the door.

For 45 minutes we flung objects at a door. There were no rules, no winners, and no losers. We simply had fun.

And thus one of the great rules of summer was learned- your games don’t need to make sense as long as they are fun…and no one is in danger.

I look forward to many more games that don’t make sense. And more laughter. And more fun.

That’s all for now- Captain…out!


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