My Own Robot

I have partnered with Miko 2 to provide the review that follows. Though I have been compensated for this post, my thoughts and words are my own. As always, please check the product website to confirm details and claims.  I’ve always wanted my own robot.  I grew up with shows like The Jetsons and Lost … Read more

1 Lesson a Barracuda Taught Me

The barracuda was 10 feet away. I saw it move. I saw it see me, or at least I thought it saw me. I saw it open its mouth revealing all of its jagged teeth. And then it swam away. Some Background You are probably asking why I was in the water with a barracuda. … Read more

Writing for November

I can’t explain to you why I stare at blank screens searching. Hoping. Waiting. I can’t explain to you why I consider the cursor a silent companion, or guide, on each verbal journey. But I do. And here I am. Sometimes I know ahead of time what knowledge I seek. Sometimes I know the stories … Read more