Captain’s Log: Week in Review Jan 12-18

Poop Deck Community,

Welcome to the Week in Review! Good morning (or whatever time you read this)! It has been a short week here, but still rather interesting.

We had a bit of an adventure with a winter storm which scared away all the grocery carts before it came.

My son inspired me to create warning lights/signs for kids so we would know when they are growing. If only I knew how to actually make them, I would be rich.

And finally, I wondered what a parent resume would look like. What titles and skills would you include. I had a little fun with this one.

Outside out my blog, I wrote a piece for Life of Dad about School Social Media. If you haven’t checked out my weekly education piece on Life of Dad…you should.

Stay tuned. More adventures ahead in the Captain’s Log!

That’s all for now….Captain Out!

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