5 of My Favorite 2015 Products

I’m not exactly Oprah. Okay, I’m not even close to Oprah, but I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this past year! Here are 5 products/experiences that I have reviewed that I enjoyed: 

I fell in love with a car this summer. The cool thing was the car pretty much documented our summer adventures. It even posted on my blog. Seriously. Check the Kia Sedona’s post out here.

There is something to be said for having your own WiFi with you when you travel. It is more secure AND can wind up being cheaper than paying for Internet services at a hotel or resort. And if you are on vacation, it is easy to shut off and force the kids outside. Bottom line? It’s there when and how you need it. I own the prepaid version and you can hook up multiple devices to it. Check out my review of the NETGEAR hotspot for AT&T here

We moved this summer, which was an ordeal, and I learned a great deal about fire safety. In the process, I learned the where, how, and why (and how many) of how to install fire alarms thanks to my friends at Kidde.  This is one that you should read, and in fact it is a 3 part series, on Life of Dad. Go read it, and this year make fire safety a priority. 

I kicked this summer off by lighting up a Stok grill – at school! Check out this fun post and know that a portable grill will unleash so much fun and possibility:) 

And finally, I had the opportunity to take my daughter to an American Girl store for the first time. It was a cool experience. Check out the photos from our visit here

And that’s a wrap- for now. Captain…out! 

Happy New Year! Be safe and here’s to an amazing 2016.  


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