Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2717. Daddy Chronicles: Relevancy. I’m on an airplane, an airplane traveling over Arizona headed to San Francisco, and it strikes me – I wonder how far my grandparents traveled. I know they both visited outside the state of Ohio, but how far did they go? Pennsylvania? Kentucky? Did they ever make … Read more

Real Men Don’t Cry…

Real men don’t cry. There it is in black and white. Do you believe it? There are many myths that I can tell my kids, many I will tell my kids – mainly those that are entertaining or involve a useful lesson. But one that I won’t? Real men don’t cry. There are many reasons … Read more

Captain’s Log: Cookie Dad

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2700. Daddy Chronicles: Cookie Dad. So the truth is this- I wasn’t much of a Boy Scout. I lasted one meeting. One. I can’t tie a knot, start fire with twigs, or identify poison ivy. But that doesn’t mean I want the same for my kids. Mrs. Captain and I were … Read more