The Rock Sent Me A Video

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sent me a video. I’m not kidding. I got a personal message from “The Rock”. More on that in a minute.   One of my favorite things of 2014 was the ability to serve as spokesperson for Milk Life. I have had the opportunity, and privilege, of working with Milk for … Read more

Captain’s Log 2657: Exhaustion

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2657. Daddy Chronicles: Exhaustion. I don’t know how to express how tired I am. And, I’m not special, there are others equally as tired – Mrs. Captain for one. I think I have it figured out though (probably not): Life is a marathon of sprints. You see, I ran was on … Read more

My Swearing Minivan

I don’t swear around my children. If my mom is reading this, I don’t swear at all. And while I do know they are going to hear things from other people, I try to make sure that I keep their environment as clean as possible. So yesterday morning, the girl and I are getting ready … Read more

Christmas Mixtape: Track 2

Short post for Day 11. It has been a rough couple of days health wise in our house. And the sleep is lacking…NONETHELESS the posting must go on! The Barking Dogs “singing” Jingle Bells was one of my favorite Christmas songs, and thus it earned a spot in the pantheon of holiday tunes known as … Read more